Planning for a Destination Wedding – Some Tips for You

When you are planning for your wedding, destination wedding should certainly be one of your choices. There is no doubt that planning for a destination wedding should be a bit different from planning for a formal wedding. If you are planning for a destination wedding now, the following ideas will be useful for you.

The destination country

You need to think of the destination at the very beginning. There will be no destination wedding without the destination. You cannot just select a location barely based on your preferences if you are having your wedding in another country. There are some practical issues you will need to consider. First of all, you will need to ask clearly what kind of documents will be need if you are going to have your wedding in a foreign country. This will be different for different countries. Besides, some countries may not allow two foreigners to get married in their countries. You should consult the embassy of the country you would like to have your wedding for all these information. You may also try to consult wedding planners who arrange destination weddings. Sometimes wedding planners can be a better source than the embassy since they have first hand and real experiences for the destination weddings in the country you are going to select.

The weather of the destination country

You will also need to research on the weather and climate of the destination country. For example, there may be typhoons and storms in the Philippines in summer. The weather can ruin your wedding if you are going to have an outdoor wedding there. You may think that it will be alright if you are going to hold your wedding in an indoor space. However, we have to admit that a sunny and nice day should be better than a rainy day for your wedding, no matter you are going to have an indoor or outdoor one. Consequently, you should consider the weather one of the most important issues when you are making the decision for the destination.

Hiring a wedding planner

Without any surprise, you will need to arrange the wedding photographer, cake and caterer for your wedding. It will not be an easy task to arrange all these in the destination country, especially when you are not in that country. As a result, it will be better for you to hire a local wedding planner in the destination country so that they can arrange and co-ordinate other wedding vendors for your. As discussed before, if there are local wedding planners in your country who arrange weddings in the destination you select, you should hire these planners so that everything can be done smoother and easier.

Your honeymoon

You may probably have your honeymoon at the same location as your wedding. You are suggested to consult a travel agent for your traveling plan. The travel agent will certainly help you to save time and money. One of the most obvious advantages for consulting a travel agent is that they can usually get discount air tickets.

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