Travel Gear Basics – Choosing Travel Gear For Your Trip

Planning a trip? Consider these travel gear basics tips to help you pack wisely and experience a safer, healthier and more comfortable trip.


A good set of luggage should be easy to carry and pull behind you. Ideally, it should have handles at the top and bottom and the side which opens up. Also, luggage should be easy to identify as your own, so consider colorful luggage or at least placing some easily recognizable yet not easily torn off ribbon, sticker, belt or tag on it. When choosing luggage, consider expandable options. Some duffle bags and rolling suitcases have different sections that can be expanded by several inches by simply unzipping a zipper, which makes it very handy when you are going home. You don’t need to leave any good stuff behind or pay a fortune in shipping costs to have items shipped home. Depending on your destination and amount of vacation time, you may also want to bring along a backpack, duffle bag, overnight case or bag or additional smaller suitcases.


Basic travel health gear should include a basic first aid kit that is compact, a water purification bottle and your prescription medications in clearly marked bottles. Also, bring along any common over the counter remedies you may need such as antacids, pain relievers, diarrhea medication, jet lag medication, sleep aids etc.


For some people, helpful comfort gear may include a travel pillow for the airplane, a bed insert that you can slip into and not be exposed to hotel bed sheets, your own pillowcases, shoe inserts for those long walks, eyeshades for better sleeping and earplugs for noisy airports or hotels.


For safety from thieves, consider a money belt or concealed wallet that hides under your clothing. Don’t forget the sun protection, including sunglasses and sunscreen. Also, consider an all-in-one safety tool that includes a compass, mirror, alarm, flasher, flashlight and radio.


Whether you choose to bring along a digital camera for still photos or a camcorder for digital movies, don’t forget the necessary gear you’ll need for them. Bring along enough media for the camera. Never rely on being able to buy that particular media while you are traveling. While you may luck out and have a store right next to your hotel that carries the right media you need, more likely you will waste hours trying to find a store that carries just the right media. Don’t forget the batteries and/or charger for the camera. Depending on the country you are in, you may also need an adapter just to plug in the charger for your camera. These adapters are only a few dollars and will save you from needing to borrow one from the hotel or having to buy one while you are traveling.


If you’re traveling to a rainy country, consider bringing a compact umbrella. There are many countries and situations where binoculars will come in handy, so consider a set of compact binoculars for your trip.

Books and Maps

You’ll find your visit enhanced by buying a good, recent guidebook and map for your area and carry them with you at all times.

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